Karnataka NIC
Officers provided e-attendance at ( NEERALAKERI )Grama Panchayat as on ( Date:11/08/2020)
Sl NoDesignationName of the OfficerOfficer Register for e-attendanceOfficer Provided e -attendanceTimeStatusremarksReason
1 Panchayat Development OfficerS P Hiremath RegisteredNo In Active__
2 Panchayat Development OfficerS S DIDDIBAGIL RegisteredNo In Active__
3 Panchayat Development OfficerHanamanth mallappa Aramani RegisteredNo In Active__
4 Panchayat Development OfficerTimmanna Maruti Kundaragi Not registeredNo In Active__
5 Panchayat Development OfficerTimmanna Maruti Kundaragi RegisteredNo Active__
6 Data Entry OperatorAnand R Deshpande RegisteredNo In Active__
7 Data Entry OperatorShankrappa V Dharwad RegisteredNo In Active__
8 Data Entry OperatorShankrappa V Dharwad RegisteredNo In Active__
9 Data Entry Operatorsmt surekha dyavappa jalihal Not registeredNo In Active__
10 Data Entry OperatorSUREKHA DYAVAPPA JALIHAL RegisteredNo In Active__
11 Bill CollectorL S KARIGOUDRA RegisteredNo In Active__
12 Bill CollectorL S KARIGOUDRA RegisteredNo Active__
13 Bill CollectorL S Karigoud Not registeredNo In Active__
14 SweeperSMT K K DASAR RegisteredNo Active__
15 PeonHanamappa Ramappa Talawar RegisteredNo Active__
16 PeonH R Talawar Not registeredNo In Active__
17 PeonH R Talawar RegisteredNo In Active__
18 WatermenP S Pujar Not registeredNo In Active__
19 WatermenR G Police Not registeredNo In Active__
20 WatermenK.N.Sulikeri RegisteredNo Active__
21 WatermenP H PUJAR Not registeredNo In Active__
22 WatermenR G POLISH RegisteredNo In Active__
23 WatermenP B TATTI RegisteredNo In Active__
24 WatermenB N KILABANUR RegisteredNo In Active__
25 WatermenB N KILABANUR RegisteredNo Active__
26 WatermenK N SULIKERI Not registeredNo In Active__
27 Second Division Accounts AssistantSUBHAS SHEVU WAGMODE RegisteredNo Active__
28 Clerk Cum Data Entry OperatorShankrappa Venkappa Dharwad RegisteredNo Active__