Karnataka NIC
Officers provided e-attendance at ( SIDDAIANAPURA )Grama Panchayat as on ( Date:10/12/2019)
Sl NoDesignationName of the OfficerOfficer Register for e-attendanceOfficer Provided e -attendanceTimeStatusremarksReason
1 Panchayat Development OfficerGopala Krishna C RegisteredNo In Active__
2 Panchayat Development OfficerShivaprasad M RegisteredNo In Active__
3 Panchayat Development OfficerBhagyamma T RegisteredYes11:15AMActivepower problem at gplate Comming
4 Data Entry OperatorD sujatha RegisteredNo In Active__
5 Bill CollectorNagasundara S Not registeredNo In Active__
6 Bill CollectorNagasundara S RegisteredNo Active__
7 SweeperN Ramesh Kumar RegisteredNo In Active__
8 SweeperRangaiah Not registeredNo In Active__
9 SweeperN Ramesh Kumar RegisteredNo In Active__
10 SweeperP Madesh RegisteredNo Active__
11 SweeperN Ramesh kumar RegisteredNo Active__
12 Pump OperatorChikkamallanaika RegisteredYes10:33AMActivePOWER PROBLEM AT GPlate Comming
13 Pump OperatorV.Shrinivasa murthy RegisteredNo In Active__
14 Pump OperatorV.Shrinivasa murthy RegisteredYes9:42AMActive__
15 Pump OperatorNaveena V Not registeredNo In Active__
16 Pump OperatorHucchaiah K RegisteredYes10:49AMActivepower problem at gplate Comming
17 PeonNagaraju C RegisteredYes7:36AMActive__
18 PeonNagaraju C C RegisteredNo In Active__
19 PeonNagaraju C RegisteredNo In Active__
20 PeonNagaraju C N RegisteredNo In Active__
21 PeonNagaraju C RegisteredNo In Active__
22 PeonNagaraju C RegisteredNo In Active__
23 WatermenNaveena V RegisteredYes10:00AMActive__
24 Watermenmahadevappa RegisteredYes7:36AMActive__
25 Second Division Accounts AssistantSatheesha RegisteredYes10:52AMActivePower problem at GPlate Comming
26 Clerk Cum Data Entry OperatorD sujatha RegisteredYes10:26AMActivePOWER PROBLEM AT GPlate Comming
27 technical assistant -civil Prabhuswmay RegisteredNo Active__
28 Technical Assistant -Agriculture Praveen Kumar S RegisteredNo Active__