Karnataka NIC
Officers provided e-attendance at ( SOLUR )Grama Panchayat as on ( Date:07/07/2020)
Sl NoDesignationName of the OfficerOfficer Register for e-attendanceOfficer Provided e -attendanceTimeStatusremarksReason
1 Panchayat Development OfficerNagaraju G Not registeredNo In Active__
2 Panchayat Development OfficerB Ashwini RegisteredNo In Active__
3 Panchayat Development OfficerNagaraju G Not registeredNo In Active__
4 Panchayat Development OfficerNagaraju G RegisteredNo In Active__
5 Panchayat Development OfficerVijaya Kumar RegisteredNo In Active__
6 Panchayat Development OfficerNagaraju G RegisteredNo In Active__
7 Panchayat Development OfficerUday Kumar H A RegisteredNo In Active__
8 Panchayat Development OfficerKrishnappa RegisteredNo In Active__
9 Panchayat Development OfficerMahesh M RegisteredNo Active__
10 SecretaryS Krishnappa RegisteredNo Active__
11 SecretaryKantharaju K RegisteredNo In Active__
12 SecretaryKantharaj K RegisteredNo In Active__
13 Data Entry OperatorSuma RegisteredNo In Active__
14 Data Entry OperatorGANGADHAR RegisteredNo In Active__
15 Data Entry OperatorGangadharaiah H S Not registeredNo In Active__
16 Data Entry OperatorH S Gangadharaiah RegisteredNo In Active__
17 Data Entry OperatorGangadharaiah H S RegisteredNo Active__
18 Data Entry OperatorSowmya V M RegisteredNo Active__
19 Bill CollectorG Ganesh RegisteredNo Active__
20 Bill CollectorM N Suresh kumar RegisteredNo Active__
21 Bill CollectorG Ganesh Not registeredNo In Active__
22 Bill CollectorG Ganesh RegisteredNo In Active__
23 Bill CollectorM N Suresh kumar RegisteredNo In Active__
24 Bill CollectorGanesh J RegisteredNo In Active__
25 Bill CollectorSuresh Kumar M N RegisteredNo In Active__
26 SweeperRayappa RegisteredNo In Active__
27 SweeperRayappa RegisteredNo Active__
28 Pump OperatorRaju Not registeredNo In Active__
29 Pump OperatorS G Raju RegisteredNo In Active__
30 Pump OperatorRaju RegisteredNo Active__
31 Pump OperatorRaju S G Not registeredNo In Active__
32 PeonSushilamma Not registeredNo In Active__
33 PeonSusheelamma RegisteredNo In Active__
34 PeonSusheelamma Not registeredNo In Active__
35 PeonSusheelamma RegisteredNo Active__
36 WatermenDhanaraj RegisteredNo Active__
37 WatermenDoreraj RegisteredNo Active__
38 WatermenDoddamasaiah Not registeredNo In Active__
39 WatermenVenkatarama Not registeredNo In Active__
40 WatermenSwaminatha RegisteredNo Active__
41 WatermenVenkatarama RegisteredNo Active__
42 WatermenSiddalingaiah RegisteredNo Active__
43 WatermenShivarama RegisteredNo Active__
44 WatermenSiddaraju B RegisteredNo Active__
45 WatermenAjjappa RegisteredNo Active__
46 WatermenDoddamasaiah RegisteredNo Active__
47 WatermenDoreraj Not registeredNo In Active__
48 WatermenDhanaraj Not registeredNo In Active__
49 WatermenShivarama RegisteredNo In Active__
50 WatermenDoddamasaiah RegisteredNo In Active__
51 WatermenSiddalingaiah RegisteredNo In Active__
52 WatermenSiddaraju B RegisteredNo In Active__
53 WatermenNagaraju RegisteredNo In Active__
54 WatermenJayanna RegisteredNo In Active__
55 WatermenSwaminatha RegisteredNo In Active__
56 WatermenVinay Kumar RegisteredNo In Active__
57 WatermenVenkatarama RegisteredNo In Active__
58 WatermenSiddaraju B Not registeredNo In Active__
59 WatermenSiddalingaiah Not registeredNo In Active__
60 WatermenDhanaraj Not registeredNo In Active__
61 WatermenAjjappa Not registeredNo In Active__
62 WatermenDoreraju Not registeredNo In Active__
63 WatermenKrishnappa RegisteredNo Active__
64 WatermenNagaraju RegisteredNo Active__
65 WatermenJayanna RegisteredNo Active__
66 WatermenShivarama Not registeredNo In Active__
67 WatermenVinay Kumar RegisteredNo Active__
68 WatermenAjjappa RegisteredNo In Active__
69 WatermenDoreraj RegisteredNo In Active__
70 WatermenKrishnappa RegisteredNo In Active__
71 WatermenDhanaraj RegisteredNo In Active__
72 WatermenDoddamasaiah Not registeredNo In Active__
73 WatermenJayanna Not registeredNo In Active__
74 WatermenDhanaraj Not registeredNo In Active__
75 WatermenShivaramaiah Not registeredNo In Active__
76 WatermenJayanna Not registeredNo In Active__
77 WatermenT H Veerabadraiah Not registeredNo In Active__
78 WatermenAjappa Not registeredNo In Active__
79 WatermenKrishnappa Not registeredNo In Active__
80 WatermenDoreraj Not registeredNo In Active__
81 WatermenThimmaiah Not registeredNo In Active__
82 ElectrictionKrishnappa RegisteredNo In Active__
83 ElectrictionLakshmiKantha RegisteredNo In Active__
84 ElectrictionLakshmikantha RegisteredNo Active__
85 ElectrictionKrishnappa RegisteredNo Active__
86 ElectrictionKrishnappa RegisteredNo In Active__
87 ElectrictionLaxmikantha RegisteredNo In Active__
88 Second Division Accounts AssistantR V Gangahanumaiah RegisteredNo Active__
89 Clerk Cum Data Entry OperatorSumithra K RegisteredNo Active__
90 Clerk Cum Data Entry OperatorSumithra K RegisteredNo In Active__
91 Clerk Cum Data Entry OperatorH S Gangadharaiah RegisteredNo In Active__